4 Out Of 5 Woman Don’t Received Pension at the age of 65. Are You One Of Them?

Whether you think it’s fair or not, women need to do more financial planning than men compared to previous eras. This is a great time for you as a woman in terms of opportunity and resources to beginning a journey to secure financial future.

Why? Here are some FACTS that would wake us up in reality;

Because of advances in technology and public attitudes, Women are not only living longer than ever before they are active longer. I know, my grandma was like that up to 87, she was attending church choirs, going on cruises, she enjoy the life that was more active social and physical.

The good news is that we live in an age in which the barrier is what held women back for so long seemed to be falling, yet the bad news is that there are still many obstacles to overcome for one thing women still typically earn 25% less than men.
For another reason women are less likely to have a steady income stream over the course of their lifetime. In some cases it’s due to discrimination but it’s also due to the fact the responsibilities such as child bearing and caring for elderly parents cuz woman to move in and out of the workforce a lot more than men do over all over their lifetime women spend a total of 12 years off the job on average versus only 16 months for men

What’s more according to a recent study by the US Department of Labor women are the ones hurt most by corporate downsizing. That’s because it takes longer to find you work in the replacement jobs. Woman get are often part-time, an offer less pay and less than if it as a result of this your accumulated pension benefits. Probably are going to be lower than those of your male counterpart that is if you have a pension at all while half of all men get one.
only one of 5 women over the age of 65 receive the pension

So as a woman you’ll have to offer benefits to look forward to but you also need to make them go further specifically you’re probably going to live longer than most of your male counterpart. Meaning, you need to make sure you have retirement resources and not just for yourself but because of your longer life expectancy chances are that the financial burden of caring for elderly parents will fall on your shoulders.

In a nutshell this is why long-term financial planning is more important for the female compared to their male counterparts they need to be more farsighted start saving earlier and stick to their plans with more discipline fortunately doing all this is not only possible it’s actually easy the trick is simply recognizing that it needs to be done which leads us to other basic sack of financial life

it’s what you don’t know that can hurt you

I’ve heard my managers tell me before. It’s not what you know that will hurt you but rather what you don’t know. Think about that for a minute and our daily lives there are really only a few categories of knowledge.

what you know you know

what you know you don’t know

what you know you should know

what you don’t know you don’t know

And the last category that causes the most problems in our lives think about it when you find yourself in a real Jam. Trying to figure out College tuitions, medical expenses even your own retirement. It’s often the result of something you didn’t know that you didn’t know.

So, the concept is pretty simple, it means that if we can reduce what we don’t know that we don’t know about money. Our chances of becoming financially successful and most importantly stay financially successful can be significantly increased.

So, how do we apply this concept? Well, I think the best way to reduce what we don’t know about money. Is to learn what are some myths and what we need to do when you discover what we have believed about money and what is not true. Don’t fall for the common myths about money. When I talk to my female friends, I suggest that the reason most people fail much as women. But anyone who failed financially is that they have fallen for a bunch of money myths that are simply not true as we are learning fact. I think it’s important to spend a little time exploring and that way you’re not taking down by them.

Money Myth

Make more money and you will be rich
Often times people feel how much money you make is the road to becoming rich.
It seems logical right? Make more money and what’s wrong with that . Well, the issue is it start getting us in a money making scheme or a get-rich-quick scheme and we fall into TV infomercials and enthusiastic pictures that promise to get you rich. Thinking that it is a quick shortcut way to success. Without Really diving into question whether this particular business game really makes any sense. Let me suggest to you that the basic premise of this pitch, the key to wealth is finding some quick and easy way to boost your income. All this is not true and what determines your wealth is not how much you make, how much you keep is what is more important.

Low Income
Taking it a step further. I believe that most Americans who think they have an income problem, don’t really have. I know you might be thinking, I don’t know what you’re talking about or I don’t care what you say. Bills, expenses, etc. I’m telling you, if I made a little bit more money I’d have less of these headaches. I’m not saying that you’re not facing Financial challenges. But I’m willing to bet that if you take a look at your situation, you probably find that the problem really is at the size of your income over the course of a lifetime. Between 1 million to 3 million based on your monthly income, how much money does it look like? Don’t you think you deserve to keep some of that money and I bet you do too. Actually most of us don’t keep that in mind.

Americans spend somewhere around the total of something 90,000 hours in his or her lifetime and has nothing to show for it in fact the typical 50 year old in the country has less than $10,000 in Savings. How do we explain that it’s simple the problem is not our income it’s what we spent it’s also taxes the book about saving the Millionaire Next Door by Tom Stanley interviewed hundreds of millionaires and came up with the findings that surprise me and probably will surprise you what Stanley found was that most millionaires are just the opposite.


Some millionaires are dedicated investors on average of 20% of their income a year average

millionaire taxable income is $131,000 a year

the average millionaire lives in a house that cost 320,000

The average net worth of a millionaire is 3.7 million

What amazes me is the net worth of 4 million dollars. I certainly feel $4,000,000 is comfortable enough and I’d be willing to guess that you think that to. Get the income these people earn an average of 1 31000 year is not that high it certainly above the average but it’s definitely not of the extraordinary magnitude. We tend to associate with people who have amassed great wealth.

And how most people become millionaires it’s not how much they make but how little they spend.

To put it in a football metaphor, while people who make good money their offense is pretty good. The defense they play is what’s really brilliant and is what differentiates the people who become wealthy and those that are average.

Unfortunately most people handle their finances in the opposite way. They are great on the offense and defense as a financial center. I previously met many people in my coaching program who have made over a hundred thousand year and still wealthy. A Wealthy fun fact they are not born wealthy.

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