How do I do that?

By leveraging real estate you can make money in 5 ways, in addition to monthly income.
The Simple Financial Freedom Program is a complete step-by-step program on how to leverage
real estate to build wealth and cash flow to replace your active income with passive income
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5 Steps to Leveraging Real Estate to Exit the Rat Race


Did you know that most people do not reach financial freedom because they don’t know how?

A Mother and Daughter’s Story:

Stop squeezing and saving your way to retirement.

Start building your

wealth empire and start LIVING

My shift to real estate happened when during the recession my mom’s retirement funds plummeted from the stocks and I was trying to figure out how to build her a retirement fund that would produce enough cash flow. Our old belief system was what had been passed on for generations:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, he will have food for life

Money abundance and mindset is an inner game and outer game process.

Many people do not become rich or wealthy because they don’t make it a goal , hey don’t have a plan for it. They just dream and hope for it. Hope is not a strategy.

Developing a wealth plan is more important than a financial plan or budget, it’s the bigger picture, the road map to making your wealth happen.

I strongly believe and encourage you to consider real estate, a path many wealth people have built their way to the top. I have taken all I’ve learned from the top mentors and real estate investors, distilled and refined the process to keep it really simple and built a system around it so real estate investing is no longer a full time job, it’s even less than part time.

Starting with $25,000 I bought my first house, and over a lot of trial and error and figuring out

In 8 years, built my mom a real estate portfolio to provide monthly retirement cash flow $4,500/month
of tax free cash without counting social security.

So here’s the multi-million dollar question:

That's a complicated answer, but I'll break it down for you

How do you start in Real Estate?

When people think of real estate investing they think of HGTV Property brothers house flips, what they
do not realize is that this is a tv show, real house flips are a full time job to manage and can take up to months to complete. In a business model sense, after a house flip is done, you sell it and profit, yet unless you find another house to flip there is no more profit. The business model is not sustainable for
someone wanting to build monthly income stream

During my career when I transitioned to an asset analyst role and worked with several asset managers, it
was then I realized how the wealthy truly think and manage their assets different than the middle class.I created a system specializing in building wealth without headaches to save time, energy and headaches. Because I have an engineer’s temperament, I cannot stand drama or wasting time. Time is super valuable everyone 🙂

My specialty is to get you to your freedom goals leveraging real estate in the most efficient manner

Let’s get moving.

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5 Steps to Leveraging Real Estate to Exit the Rat Race

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