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Hello! I'm Caroline Velez

I help Millenials and Mid Career hustlers reach financial freedom and help them become Millionaires


Hi I’m Caroline Velez!  I love God, traveling and yummy Texas Brisket .  And there’s mango’s too.  My family is from Manila.  I help smart hustlers build their net worth, wealth and Financial Freedom.  I help millennial and mid career hustlers develop a solid plan to exit the rat race, retire when you want without worrying money will run out, and most of all enjoy let you enjoy a full life filled with joy, love and laughter.

Don’t strive for Debt Free, strive to be Financially Free.

What’s the point of being debt free and being in fear of outliving your retirement fund and later having to pick up a job when you’re 67?

My mother has this fear, and I see it with my coworkers too, wanting to retire, yet financially scared as well.  My coworkers are engineers, they’ve worked good jobs and have good salary, you would think they are ahead of the curve and could retire sooner and earlier than everyone else.

I’ve been a Suzie Orman and Dave Ramsey fan for years, in fact, “Young Fabulous Broke” was the first personal finance books I bought for myself.  I followed religiously, fast forward 5 years, I look at my coworkers who have faithfully worked 30-35 years on the job and retire to finally enjoy life. After chiropractor appointments due to heavy computer sitting I looked at my retirement plan and realize I still got at least 25 years to go. Gee Wiz! I think to myself, there’s got to be a better way.  And the 7 STEP Financial Freedom Blueprint was born.

This blog is a journey of learning and gathered wisdom while researching through multiple finance books and talking to numerous investment and retirement advisors, while helping my mom build her retirement fund so she does not need to work till 72 and have uncertainty whether she will have enough.  How ridiculous does that sound, working for 40 years of your life, and still unsure if you can enjoy your retirement without worrying the money you’ve saved up will run out?

The Simple Financial Freedom 7 Step Blueprint has made all the difference, allowing my mom to retire and live comfortably with cash flow of 6k a month without relying on the government or worry about how social security will turn out or whether she can enjoy a cruise trip without running out of money  She can live till 100 and even beyond and not have to worry about outliving her financial funds. And that’s how Simple Financial Freedom was born.  This site goes way beyond  the basics of budgeting, credit and debt management.  You are smart, you know that with compound interest, as long as your rate of return is at least 10% your money will double in 7 years.   This site will teach you how to get 30 percent returns without becoming a landlord as well as atypical methods for making money in real estate.    And if you love the stock market, this site will also tell you the dos and don’s of investing so you don’t lose your short on Wall Street.

And most of all, this site is about following a proven system to become a millionaire.  Yes I said it, millionaire.  Did you know that the average American has a 1 in 13 chance of becoming a millionaire?  

Each month another 750k people become millionaires

Each week, 171k people become millionaires

Each day 25k people become millionaires

So why shouldn’t you become one of them?

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Live Your Live, Love others, and Make a Difference.

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