Personal Finance Free Resource Websites

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Have you heard of budget softwares and the thought of having to download, install it and figure out how to use it gets you overwhelmed? built a loyal following with its simplicity. Mint was so succssful in fact that Intuit bought the company in 2009, shut down its own Quicken Online site, and turned Mint into its online personal finance site.

Mint pulls in all your bank and brokerage accounts and imports all your financial information.

For users just looking to get up and running fast, Mint is tough to beat. It’s also free. Mint, however, lacks many of the powerful investment tracking features in Quicken, including the capability to precisely track how much you paid for certain investments, your cost basis, which is very important, as you discover later you will need comfortable handing over all your account number and passwords to a third party.

Mvelopes can be your spending cop that tells you you’re spending too much. Mvelopes is a web based spending tracker tha ttries to be the digital version of envelope based budgeting. Rather than stuffing cash in envelopes set aside for certain expenses, Mvelopes lets you decide before you get a paycheck how much you are willing to spend in certain categories such as dining out and plan your spending for the month.